Hey there, I'm Isaac.
I design and build digital, web stuff.
I value curiosity and exploration above all.

I work with companies and individuals of all sorts, gravitating mostly towards projects and endeavors which contain some spark of social good. Recently, that's been things like fostering citizen science to improve our environment, helping struggling individuals get ahold of their financial future, and making government representation more transparent. Hit me up, let's work together.

I work on things I believe in

I've had the great fortune of working with some fantastic teams and individuals investigating changes in our environment, uncovering the full value of our neighborhoods, encouraging family education, and improving communications around state government services. Recent clients include:

Exploring a Continuous Stream of Side Projects

I also like to keep busy learning & experimenting. The following are some side-projects which I’m currently working on or playing with.


Knowing who represents you in government and what they've done shouldn't be hard. Yet it is. We're trying to see how we might change that.

Better tech for all

An experiment in connecting tech people who have extra time on their hands, and non-profits who could use it.

Let's build something great together

I'm currently open for short-term projects and collaborations. Hit me up on some trendy social network (I'm 'isaacchansky' everywhere) or send an email to ichansky at gmail dot com.